How can I connect after I installed the application?
    Click on the ip-shield icon in the Windows system tray, enter your password and your email
    address and then click 'Connect'.

    How can I change my password?
    Right-click on the ip-shield icon in the Windows system tray, select 'Settings' and then click
    'Change' in the password section.

    How can I evaluate ip-shield in trial mode?
    Click on the ip-shield icon and enter email 'trial@ip-shield.net' and password 'trial' in the login
    section and then hit 'Connect'.

    What is automatic region mode?
    In automatic region mode the application tries to contact multiple VPN gateways in different
    regions simultaneously and then selects the best choice VPN gateway that is likely closest to
    the user location.

    How can I use the application behind a proxy?
    Configure your actual proxy settings in Internet Explorer and then right-click the ip-shield
    system tray icon and select 'Settings'. In the ip-shield settings dialog select 'Use IE proxy
    settings' to enable proxy mode.

    How can I cancel my subscription?
    Login to your Paypal account, select 'My Account', go to the ip-shield subscription transaction,
    click 'Details' and then hit 'Cancel subscription'.


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